Volunteering with St. Joseph's Hospice

St. Joseph’s Hospice highly relies on volunteer support to fulfill our mission, vision and values to unconditionally care and support those approaching end-of-life, those caring for them and those grieving for them. Without our volunteer’s gift of their time and energy, we would not be able to do the work we do at Hospice, they truly are the HEART of Hospice. We are very fortunate to have over 240 volunteers that share their skills, kindness and compassion in over 18 different areas. To learn more about the various volunteer opportunities, click here.

How To Apply To Become a Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with St. Joseph’s Hospice! We invite you to join us and share your time, skills and experience to a great cause!

How do I become a volunteer?

  1. Fill out an Application

    The first step to becoming a St. Joseph’s Hospice volunteer is filling out an application form. Application packages can be picked up at St. Joseph’s Hospice Resource Centre at 475 Christina St. N. or you can download the Volunteer Application here, or by fill our online form by clicking here. Completed applications must be submitted to LeeAnne Feddes, Volunteer Program Coordinator, at lfeddes@sjhospice.ca or dropped off to our Resource Centre.

  2. Meet with the Volunteer Program Coordinator

    Once the Volunteer Program Coordinator receives your completed application, they will be in touch with you to set up an interview to determine if volunteering at St. Joseph’s Hospice is the right fit. We ask that those who have had a close personal loss and are still grieving to wait at least 12 months to volunteer. It can be difficult to be of service to others when one is still healing from their own loss. A discussion regarding loss is conducted during the interview to determine if someone is ready to volunteer.

  3. Complete Screening

    If a mutually agreed upon position is found or volunteering at Hospice has been deemed a good fit, two personal reference checks will be completed, followed by a Criminal Reference Check and health screening.

  4. Training and Orientation

    Volunteers who have been invited will attend a mandatory 4-hour Volunteer Orientation. Once that has been completed, dependent on the area you will be volunteering in, further mandatory training will need to be completed to ensure the knowledge needed to provide outstanding care to our clients, residents and families is gained before volunteering begins.

  5. Start volunteering and make a difference in your community!

    Provided below are additional documents that prove to be useful in your decision process to becoming a Hospice Volunteer!

    Welcome Letter
    Volunteer Brochure
    Important Considerations
    Volunteer Requirements Checklist

For Active Volunteers