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Board of Directors

The St. Joseph’s Hospice Board of Directors is comprised of volunteer leaders from the community. This diverse group is committed to ensuring Hospice delivers compassionate care to those we serve, while fostering the organization’s mission, vision, and values.



Leslie Potts Chair
Cathy Hockin Vice/Past Chair
Lewis Mitchell Secretary
Warren Parrott Treasurer
Steve Anema Board Member
Karen Dally Board Member
Erin Jolicoeur Board Member
Paul Lane Board Member
Terri Pask Board Member
Karly Somers Board Member
Bernadette Taylor Board Member
Richard Corneil St. Joseph’s Health Care Society
Larry Lafranier Executive Director

Bob Murray - Member Emeritus

Bob Murray

Remembering Bob Murray
June 29, 1937 – June 17, 2020

Bob was a Founding Board Member of St. Joseph’s Hospice, a dedicated ambassador and mentor to all. He also served as Chair and a Board Member of the St. Joseph’s Health Care Society, our sponsor organization. With a passion for palliative care, he was instrumental in helping to reach our capital campaign goal of $6 million, to open our new 10 bed residence. Above this, he was an exemplary leader who embodied the legacy of the Sisters of St. Joseph’s commitment to compassionate care, which serves as the foundation of the Mission, Vision and Values of St. Joseph’s Hospice.

We were privileged to not only know Bob, but to have his tireless efforts for so many years. His caring heart, leadership, compassion, integrity and quick wit will be deeply missed. We extend our deepest appreciation to his family for graciously supporting him in his time given to Hospice.

Bob leaves an extraordinary legacy which we will strive to uphold through the way we serve and live the Mission, Vision and Values at St. Joseph’s Hospice. His spirit is ingrained in the fabric of Hospice and we will continue to weave his legacy into the unwritten story of our service.

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