Residence and Families

In Our Residence

What We Offer

Our 10-suite residence provides a comfortable, home-like atmosphere for residents in the community who cannot be cared for at home.  This setting allows families to share in the end-of-life journey with loved ones with 24-hour care from health care professionals with specialized training in end of life care.  Specific needs of the resident and families are addressed in a comfortable, secure setting with dignity, support and love.

Each bedroom suite with cable TV, telephone and WIFI service and a private bathroom can comfortably accommodate residents and family members in a relaxed and professional environment.

St. Joseph’s Hospice is a completely smoke-free and alcohol-free facility. All bed and bath linens are provided while at hospice.  We ask that personal laundry be managed offsite by family members.

Meals while at Hospice

All meals and snacks are provided for our residents from our full-service kitchen.  Meal times and choices are based on individual residents' needs and preferences.  Meals are provided for residents only, however homemade soup, tea, coffee and assorted treats are available to family and visitors in the great room.

What to bring:

When coming to stay at Hospice please bring the follow items:

  • Clothing and personal care items (soap, lotions, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair care items, denture care items etc.)
  • Your Healthcard and any private insurance information for pharmacy
  • Your medications from home
  • Momentos, photos and special keepsakes to personalize your suite.

Photos of the Residence


Spiritual Care

Spirituality refers to the part of us that seeks to find meaning, purpose and wholeness. There are many ways for a person to express their spirituality; religious services, relationships, nature, art, to name a few. Reflection at end-of-life creates an opportunity for meaning making with the goal of providing comfort or peace for those who are dying and assisting their families in processing the impending loss of their loved one.

Our Spiritual Care Provider is a trained professional who provides direct and on-going spiritual care for our patients, clients, residents and their circles of care regardless of their faith or life stance from diagnosis through to bereavement at any stage throughout the journey. Working as an integral member of the interdisciplinary team, providing a compassionate, non-judgmental and culturally sensitive approach while collaborating with residents and their families to address the spiritual, emotional and social needs aimed at enhancing the quality of their life and care.

Our Spiritual Care Provider is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Types of services may include:

  • Spiritual Support
  • End-of-Life care planning
  • Assist with finding meaning, hope or inner resilience in illness or loss
  • Life review, legacy work, storytelling and letter writing
  • Facilitate connection with community faith leaders
  • Reflection, prayer, meditation, supporting presence
  • Addressing anticipatory grief and loss
Hospice Farewell

Following the death of a Resident, we offer their family and friends an opportunity to gather together in our Great Room to honour their loved one as they leave our care. A reflective pause and words of comfort are offered by Hospice staff. While this is not a religious ceremony, it is an opportunity for the staff and volunteers to thank the families for the privilege of caring for their loved one and circle of care while at Hospice.

Service of Remembrance

The Service of Remembrance is part of the care we extend to families after the death of their loved one in our Residence. The purpose of the service is to provide families a safe and supportive environment to attend a non-religious service, reflecting on their memories with their loved one and time spent at hospice, while acknowledging the grief journey which they navigate. The Service of Remembrance takes place at an off-site location in May and November of each year.

Complementary Therapies

Music therapy, Pet therapy and other complementary therapies such as Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Massage Therapy and Reflexology are offered to residents in their suites as well as to caregivers in the spa room, located on the third floor of the Resource Centre.

Day Hospice

Residents are invited to attend our Day Hospice which is held in our Resource Centre twice a month.  At Day Hospice residents receive support and companionship from peers who have a life limiting illness, education from guest speakers, recreational and therapeutic activities- such as music therapy or art projects, legacy work, anticipatory grief support and a shared homemade meal.

Caregiver Group

Caregivers of residents are invited to attend our Caregiver Group, which is held monthly in the Resource Centre. Caregiver group offers peer support, education, and self care activities for those caring for a loved one with a life limiting illness. Educational topics include advance care planning, legacy work, pain and symptom management, anticipatory grief, death and dying, self compassion etc.

Anticipatory Grief Support for Children

The Caring Hearts Children’s Program provides support to children, youth and families who have a loved one living in the St. Joseph's Hospice Residence. A trained professional works with children, youth and families to help prepare and support them when a loved one is dying. Resource packages with information on the program and how to support children and youth are available in the residence without having to access the program. The Caring Hearts Children's Counsellor can meet with caregivers to help in explaining illness and dying to children/youth to prepare them for the death of a loved one, provide psychoeducation on how families/caregivers can support their children/youth as well as meet directly with children, youth and families in our children’s program room. During sessions children/youth might colour, play, read, talk, work on memorial pillow cases or quilts and be supported by the counsellor. Bereavement support for children, youth and families is available after the death of a resident.

Medical Assistance In Dying (MAID)

St. Joseph's Hospice of Sarnia Lambton has had long and strong tradition in keeping with the Legacy of the Sisters of St. Joseph, of providing compassionate care in body, mind and spirit.

At Hospice, we support individuals making informed decisions about their end-of-life care with the utmost respect. We work closely with our residents and their families on advanced care planning. Hospice will respond to patients and families wishes with compassion, understanding, and without discrimination. We will listen intently as you discuss your circumstances and your quality of life. We will work with you to ensure you are aware of all resources available to address your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

We support patient choice and will respect the person who is making that choice. This includes informing our residents of options for care. As a Catholic institution, medical assistance in dying (MAID/assisted suicide/voluntary euthanasia) is not a service we provide to our community. If a resident wishes to discuss medical assistance in dying, Hospice staff will support a respectful discussion, providing information to you about this service and at the request of the patient, transfer care to another facility.

As a Hospice resident, if you have any questions regarding MAID please contact your physician or your care team to provide support and help answer your questions.

For information on eligibility criteria go to the Ministry of Health's website.


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Volunteer With Hospice

An important element of psychosocial and spiritual care is companioning, which is offered through trained volunteers. Our Compassionate Care Volunteers work at the bedside to provide support, comfort and vigil for our residents and respite for families as directed by resident and family needs. Our Spiritual Support Volunteers are available as a supportive presence and are scheduled variably throughout the week.

Become a Volunteer