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Palliative Care Clinic

The St. Joseph's Hospice Palliative Care Clinic is home to Dr’s - Dr. Allison Crombeen, Dr. David Kim, Dr. Orla MacSweeney, and Dr. Evan Lilly. These physicians, along with their dedicated staff, support individuals in the community with serious illnesses who are in need of Palliative Care Support and Services. These supports and services include pain and symptom management, advance care planning, psychosocial support, and end-of-life care. Palliative Care is beneficial for patients at all stages of serious illness and is meant to complement, rather than replace an individual's other disease-targeted treatments.

For more information on the Palliative Care Clinic, please contact them at 519-337-3848.

Palliative Care Team


Dr. Crombeen
Dr. Allison Crombeen
         pict dr                           Dr. Orla MacSweeney
Dr. Kim
Dr. David Kim
Dr. Lilly
Dr. Evan Lilly