Hospice Heart Stories

Precious Memories

August 10, 2021 - It has been a month today since my father passed away at Hospice. He had an incredible 12 weeks there, and although the pain of losing my dad is fresh, the grief shifts to gratitude as a result of the experience that we all got to have as a result of his stay there. The care he received was incredible. The staff treated my dad "Bob" with such dignity, compassion, and much appreciated humour, which my dad loved. Dr. Lilly and the staff were able to help make my dad comfortable, and we were given the opportunity to have such quality time with him, where precious memories were made.

My dad told us regularly how uplifting he found the hospice. How he couldn't imagine a nicer place to live out his last days. I couldn't agree more. The rooms were lovely, large and quiet. The food was delicious and the chairs were so comfortable. He especially enjoyed the quiet entertainment provided by the bird feeders. The staff were incredible and it was so peaceful. The grounds are like a little paradise. It felt like home for all of us.

Hospice gave my dad the opportunity to live out his last months on his terms, the way he wanted. He fostered new friendships, and through all the support and resources they have available, we were all able to experience what beauty and love there is to be found in someone's end of life journey.

I am so blessed to carry with me the peace and gratitude that was created from my dad's time at hospice. Thank you to all the staff and volunteers at St. Joseph's Hospice for the gift that they gave to my father, and to my entire family. It truly is a miraculous place.

Brenda Crombeen Ross & Family