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A Special Addition to Our Residential Gardens!

Although dried herbs have earned their place as kitchen staples, now we can have a lovely full-flavoured, fresh herbs at our fingertips at St. Joseph’s Hospice.

Special thanks to Ron and Bob who worked together in the design and construction of two planter boxes for Hospice where our Kitchen Coordinator and kitchen volunteers can now grow fresh herbs. Their generous donation is greatly appreciated.

“Going out into the garden to grab a few fresh herbs, lettuce or cherry tomatoes for dinner will be really fun, satisfying, and convenient", says Irene Gifford, Kitchen Coordinator.

Sweet smelling herbs and the relaxing water feature add to the ambiance of our gardens allowing our residents to enjoy the outdoors in comfort and peace.

In photo from left to right, are: Larry Lafranier, Executive Director, St. Joseph’s Hospice; Bob Barnes; Ron Gordon and Irene Gifford, Kitchen Coordinator, St. Joseph’s Hospice.

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