Face to Face Campaign

Face to Face Campaign 2021


Event Details

2021 Face to Face Campaign - May 1 to June 30

What is Face to Face?

100 volunteer canvassers ask

10 friends for $10 to raise

$10,000 plus

1,000 people learn about St. Joseph’s Hospice

We know this year’s Face to Face Campaign

will spark a sense of giving & connection that our

community will be proud to boast!

Thank you for your support - past and current - and ask for
your continued commitment.

To get your package email Amanda Orr - aorr@sjhospice.ca or call 519-337-0537 ext. 130

Can YOU make  a difference? YES  you  CAN!  And it’s so simple:

1. Find 10 friends, co-workers, or neighbors and tell them the Hospice story

2. Ask these 10 people to donate $10 - or more - each to our Face to Face Campaign

3. YOU too can contribute to this campaign to reach - or SURPASS - our target goal of $10,000

All contributions $10 or more will receive a tax receipt.

We will be giving away two (2) Canvasser Prizes! Both  draws will take place at the end of the Campaign….stay tuned!
(Please note that in order to claim your prize, you must return your Canvasser Package)